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sakura_oki in northcarolitas

Okay everyone here we go.

Winter Lolita Day
Saturday December 7, 2013
Location: The Secret Tea Room
Time: 11:00-11:30am until
Cost per person $21.50 including tax and gratuity
Total spaces 21

Please comment below and I will message you payment information. All payments will be required to insure your seat and if I do not receive payment you will be removed from the list. If there are more than 21 people wishing to go there will be a wait list in case anyone drops before the deadline of October 31st. Being on the wait list does not guarantee you a seat.

Once the list is filled I will notify those attending of the tea choices and menu any other details. Any other questions please feel free to message me.



Payment info for me please ^_^
I may be able to go. I'll see.
I am sorry but the list is now locked. The deadline was October 31st for being added to the list.