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nornbear in northcarolitas

Joining the Facebook group.

Hello, I'm not sure how frequently this is checked but I thought I'd give posting something a shot. I'm planning on moving back to North Carolina from overseas soon and I would love to join the community. I sent a request to join the Facebook group about six months ago. I contacted two admins but haven't really gotten any sort of response back from either. I am unsure of whether my messages are being marked as spam or if I'm allowed to join the comm until I'm in the Carolinas or if I'm considered a "lurker" (I do actively dress in lolita and I'm a part of the local community where I am right now as well) or something else.

I'm really not sure who to contact at this point and I'm getting a little discouraged because I would really love to attend some meet ups.



Hi, what's your name on FB? I just got my computer back after 2 months and have had limited access to my messages.
My first name is Conner! Thank you! :)