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belle43 in northcarolitas

Waiting to join the FB group also!

Hi! I also have messaged a few of the admins introducing myself (I'm Arabelle by the way!) of the FB group but have yet to hear anything back,I'm hoping posting here will help! I'm excited to join! Thank you! ^^


Hi Arabelle, I don't see your request in the group so you may need to re-request. Your request may have been removed if you could not be messaged.

Please send a note to any of the admins to introduce yourself and let us know why you'd like to be added.
Why do you want to join the NC lolita community?
How long have you been active in lolita fashion?
Are you a member of any other lolita fashion communities?
Do you live in North or South Carolina?
Will you be able to attend meetups?

Thank you!
Thank you! I have re-sent the message!