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sakura_oki in northcarolitas

Winter Lolita Day Meetup in Greensboro

Location: Greensboro, NC
Date: Saturday December 7th

Everyone. I need a definite head count for those interested in coming to Greensboro for Lolita day on Saturday December 7th. The head count will dictate what we end up doing whether it be tea at a local tea room/hotel or visiting a local dessertery and socializing. I think we will hold off on Geeksboro at this time and revisit that option on a future date. I will mention if it is a tearoom there may be a payment required up front and are nonrefundable and I will have those details hopefully tomorrow. So raise your hand if you are thinking of coming.

Also after the meet if anyone is interested the Carousel Theatre off Battleground Ave in Greensboro will be showing the 3rd Madoka Magica movie as a one night event at 7pm.