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Hi and welcome to the NorthCarolitas community!

We have members all over the state with most of us residing in Charlotte and Raleigh, but we have meetups all over (Concord, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Cary &c.)

Intro posts are welcome! If you've just moved here or never made a formal introduction feel free to do so at any time. We love meeting new friends. :)

We have a Facebook group for meeting planning, local news, chatter, and palling around. Membership is closed and you will need to request an invite. If your membership is pending approval, please send a note to any of the admins to introduce yourself and let us know why you'd like to be added (Why do you want to join the NC lolita community? How long have you been interested in lolita fashion? Are you a member of any other lolita/fashion communities?) Members should be from the Carolina region or planning to attend a meetup in the near future. We hope only lurkers are discouraged by this process.

Upcoming Events

Saturday October 18
1:00pm until 3:00pm
Fall Wine Show
Hillsborough, NC
Please RSVP on Facebook!

Sunday November 16
3rd Annual Carolina Ren Fest Meet Up
Huntersville, NC
Please RSVP on Facebook!

Saturday December 6
Winter International Lolita Day Tea
Durham, NC
Please RSVP on Facebook!