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clock_monster in northcarolitas

Help Facebook Mods Please

Hello. My name is Deidre. I applied to the carolitas group a week ago and sent an intro to two Admins, but for some reason I have received no response or approval.
I wear Lolita. I have for a while.
I just moved to Charlotte.
And I would like to attend meets to make new friends.
So, I'm not sure what the problem is...
Thanks in advance for any help or response!


I'm having the same problem, Did you ever get any help? Is this group still active?
Yes. They helped me quickly. :)
It seems that Facebook was spamming my messages. The same is probably happening for you.
oh ok, do you think you could get in touch with one of them? My facebook name is kyrae
I'm sorry. I don't feel comfortable doing that.
How about you comment to the top sticky post by Soniabunny? She's a mod.
I can't comment on the sticky? But that's fine it's whatever.
Ok. How about you message her or make a post like I did.
If that doesn't work I'll make a post on Facebook.
It's fine it doesn't matter anymore. Thanks though, for your help.